Royal Oaks Taxidermy
When Quality Counts...
Royal Oaks Taxidermy has moved to Idaho.. I am not able to take in any work in at
this time..

Doing taxidermy is not just a job to me, it a passion. I love what I do, and take great
pride in creating a mount that you will proud to display for all to see.

At Royal Oaks Taxidermy quality comes before anything else. Only the best materials
and supplies are used to produce a mount that will last for generations to come. I
study the actual animal in real life and use photos as reference to insure that your
mount will look as life like as possible, giving you a work of art that reminds you of
that special hunt every time you look at it.

Happy hunting!! - Rae
Specializing in mammals
1st Place - Open Division
Horizon Award
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