How to properly skin your animal for a shoulder mount
This method can be used with any game for shoulder mounts. Elk, antelope, even bear..
Key is to not cut the brisket or arm pit areas, and to make sure you leave enough cape to
mount. The more skin you leave attached gives your taxidermist more to work with. It is
easy to cut off what I dont need, I cant replace what you cut off. So to prevent having to
buy a replacement cape for your trophy always leave plenty of skin attached.. More is

By not cutting the brisket and arm it areas you are saving your taxidermist alot of work
not having to sew that area up.  Also when making your cuts ALWAYS cut from UNDER
the skin.. Not from the hair side. This will keep the hair from being cut which would show
on your mount, meaning your taxidermist would have to repair this in order for it to be
not seen.. Best is to not do it in the first place.

Once you have your deer skinned  you will want to get it cooled down so the bacteria
doesn't ruin it    If you place it in an ice chest make sure you keep the ice/water from
getting on your cape.  As soon as possible you will want to take it to your taxidermist so
that it can be caped off the skull and properly handled for mounting.

If you are out of state, you will need to cape the skin off the skull. You must make sure all
the lips, eyelids, lachrymal gland, around the antler burs etc are attached to your cape.
Some meat lockers will cape and freeze the head/cape for you if you ask.. Just make
sure they know how to cape for taxidermy,  If they do it wrong you may not be able to
use your cape.. So always make sure they know what they are doing.

Good luck hunting and if you have any questions or need help skinning or caping your
animal please feel free to call 209-603-7009

I will cape any deer for free if I am the one doing the mounting, I also offer a caping
service even If Im not the one mounting your deer.

Happy hunting!